TUM Supervisory Award conferred


Three awards for Professors

The laureates and the presenters of the awards (f.l.t.r.): Prof. S. Günnemann, Prof. M. Althoff, representatives of the doctoral candidates D. Soto Setzke, H. Schäfer, D. Herzog, Prof. M. Gerndt, Dean Prof. H.-J. Bungartz

On behalf of all doctoral candidates, the TUM Graduate Council awards on a yearly basis the TUM Supervisory Award under the patronage of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation and sponsored by the TUM Graduate School. The doctoral representative of each graduate center together with all nominating doctoral candidates determine the top three supervisors of their graduate center who have committed themselves to an outstanding supervision and education of her or his doctoral candidates. The top three supervisors of the CeDoSIA graduate center who were awarded during the Day of Informatics and Graduation Ceremony 2018 are:



1. Prof. Michael Gerndt (Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems)

2. Prof. Matthias Althoff (Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems)

3. Prof. Stephan Günnemann (Professorship of Data Mining and Analytics)