QRONITON covid-19 tracing service developed

Prof. Georg Carle, Chair of Network Architectures and Services, developed QRONITON together with his former doctoral candidate Johann Schlamp. This service, which uses QR codes that can be scanned with a mobile phone, will enable organizations to meet their documentation obligations and help public health authorities to identify endangered individuals quickly. Any location - whether it's a restaurant table or a seat in a lecture hall - can be provided with an individual QR code. When scanned by a user, the code is captured along with a time stamp and contact data. What sets this solution apart from similar approaches is a sophisticated, multi-stage encryption system that protects data. In recent weeks, the system was tested and optimized at TUM. The project was closely monitored by researchers at the TUM Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS)  , who focused in particular on issues surrounding the acceptance of such systems. They also helped to ensure that QRONITON is compatible with the German General Data Protection Regulation.

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