Google Faculty Research Award for Prof. S. Günnemann and Prof. L. Leal-Taixé

High recognition for cutting-edge research in Machine Learning and Machine Perception

Prof. Stephan Günnemann

Prof. Laura Leal-Taixé

The Google Faculty Research Awards Program aims to recognize and support world-class faculties pursuing cutting-edge research. Prof. Stephan Günnemann, head of Data Analytics and Machine Learning group, and Prof. Laura Leal-Taixé, head of the Dynamic Vision and Learning group, both have received a Google Faculty Research Award 2020.

Prof. Günnemann is the only researcher from the EU who has received the award in the area of Machine Learning and Data Mining. The award will be used to support his research in the field of graph neural networks. Graph neural networks have become an extremely powerful principle for Machine Learning / Deep Learning, specifically enabling to learn from non-Euclidean data. Many high impact applications benefit from this research including drug design in chemistry, studies of protein networks in biology, novel prediction models in autonomous driving and the analysis of knowledge graphs.

Prof. Leal-Taixé has received a Google Faculty Award in the area of Machine Perception. The award will be used to support her research in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the project is focused on improving semi-supervised learning algorithms for video analysis. It's proposed to leverage motion analogies between videos to obtain models that are more robust to changing imaging conditions. The work will impact the fields of object detection and semantic segmendation, both critical for applications such as autonomous driving or robot navigation.