Munich Data Science Institute founded with three TUM Informatics professors in the board of directors

The recently founded Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) will be build up with three TUM Informatics professors in the board of directors:  Prof. Stephan Günnemann (Data Analytics and Machine Learning; Acting Director of the MDSI), Prof. Daniel Cremers (Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence) and Prof. Daniel Rückert (Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine). As an Integrative Research Center the MDSI will complement the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) and will integrate TUM expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The MDSI will pursue own fundamental research in data science along with the development of new methods and technologies for applications across a wide variety of disciplines such as more efficient imaging methodologies for personalized medicine, more reliable predictions of natural phenomena, sustainable planning and construction, the development of new functional materials and batteries with increased energy efficiency, as well as research on the dynamics of societal, political and economic systems.  The MDSI will connect researchers from the entire TUM spectrum of subjects in order to generate new fundamental theories and methods based on core mathematical, statistical and computer science topics of data analysis, in particular for Machine Learning.

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