Chair of Operating Systems


The main focus of research at the chair/department of operating systems is on mobile distributed systems. The topics under investigation cover mobile operating systems, mobile networks, and mobility management.

In particular the following topics will be handled.

Imposed Research Questions

  • What are the requirements of mobile, web-based, embedded, and small operating systems?
  • What are their components, structures, and architectures?
  • What is the influence of wireless networks, software defined radio, or cognitive radio?
  • Will self-organized, ad-hoc networking be the future?
  • How can mobility management, seamless interaction, energy awareness, and security be solved for global systems?

Current Projects and Applications

  • Cyber-physical systems, their components, mechanisms, and algorithms
  • Automotive systems both inside future and possibly inter-connected vehicles
  • Micro-kernel for dynamic load on multi-core plattforms