To assess a newly developed assurance method regarding the correct execution and communication between apps on a vehicular control unit, this thesis shall realize an evaluation framework with the help of established benchmarks on an embedded platform. [more]

In course of this thesis a demonstrator shall be developed or rather extended in order to evaluate a new real-time scheduling / deployment concept on top of FreeRTOS on a Xilinx ZCU102 evaluation board. [more]

Beginn: ab Juni 2018 Dauer: 6 Monate Standort: BMW München Hintergrund des Projektes: Um auf die steigenden funktionalen Anforderungen der elektrischen Energieversorgung durch elektrische Komponenten im Kraftfahrzeug zu reagieren, wurden verschiedene Projekte im Rahmen der... [more]

Regenerativ erzeugter Strom in Gebäuden (v.a. Photovoltaik) wird derzeit entsprechend dem aktuellem Bedarf vor Ort verbraucht. Der Überschusstrom wird in das Stromnetz des lokalen Netzbetreibers eingespeist und entsprechend den EEG Richtlinien vergütet. Da der selbst verbrauchte... [more]

Thesis at Siemens Corporate Technology US in the area of future industrial automation (industry 4.0). Extension of a model-based testing framework to automatically adapt model and test cases at runtime based on feedback/monitoring data to realize context-sensitive reaction... [more]

Thesis at Siemens Corporate Technology US in the area of future industrial automation (industry 4.0). Development of a test controller application for a simulator-based virtual plant model and connection of the simulator's interface (API) to the PROFINET RT-Ethernet protocol. ... [more]

Beschreibung Im Rahmen des KIA4SM Projekts soll ein adaptives Betriebssystem als flexible Integrationsarchitektur für zukünftige Cyber-Physical Systems (z.B. in den Bereichen automotiver Steuergeräte oder der Industrieautomatisierung/Industrie 4.0) entwickelt werden. Angestrebt... [more]

Description The KIA4SM project defines a toolchain for testing of automotive systems (generation of testcases, deployment, recording and evaluation). Additionally, there exists an operating system which is based on Genode/Fiasco.OC. The toolchain consists of several modules. One... [more]

Fujitsu invites to the "Fujitsu Mainframe Day" at the Fujitsu Tower in Munich at the 25th of January 2017. Interested students can subscribe and get more information for this event at :   [more]

The international company KPIT delivers technology, products and solutions for industrial sectors like automotive and transportation, manufacturing and energy & utilities. KPIT Technologies GmbH was founded in Germany in 2005 and runs development and distribution sites in Munich,... [more]