Interactive Workshops in Student Labs– Informatics made easy, Playing and Understanding

The ice-skater enters the ice surface. Will she do justice to the expectations of thousands of spectators? - How the story continues is decided upon by the students who visit the ITüpferl Student Lab at the Department of Informatics. They program an animation film with the "Alice" 3D programming environment- quite individually according to their imagination. In this way they playfully get to learn the basic methods and principles of informatics. Active collaboration and personal investigating also apply to the workshops on binary numbers or sorting networks and is especially conceived for grades 5-10.

Interactive Workshops for Students in the Framework of Class Visits :

  • Story telling with Alice
    Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment and was developed at the Carnegie Mellon University:

  • Computer Science Unplugged 
    The workshops are based on the book Computer Science Unplugged - Off-line activities and games for all ages von Tim Bell, Mike Fellows and Ian H. Witten

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