Research Workshop

In the ITüpferl Research Workshop young teams work on current research projects. A professional group or chair present themselves for one year. In this way ITüpferl remains exciting even after many visits: Through the annual changes current research from different fields can always be experienced.

Current Projects in ITüpferl


Do-it-yourself neighborhood networking platform based on opportunistic networking technologies. The Liberouter network is a fully open neighborhood network based on direct contacts between devices that operate independently of the Internet.

The Virtual Factory

A prototype connecting physical devices (IoT) to virtual objects (holograms). Users can wear the Microsoft Hololens headset and try to control a hologram representing an industrial machine by interacting with sensors and actuators in proximity.

Real-time Sensors Data Visualization

Multiple boards with sensors have been deployed in our offices. The collected data is visualized on screen with a dynamic, real-time dashboard.


A recommender system which suggests personalized tourist trips to individuals and groups. TourRec is available for Android devices! More information:


CityRec is a data-driven destination recommender system that performs personalized recommendations based on your preferences. Try it out to see which of the 180 cities on this planet fits your preferences best!


A mobile application that investigates whether feedback from a social network can support a behavioural change towards healthier eating habits. APPetite was developed in the context of the BMBF enable cluster. The application offers an image based nutrition diary, rating feedback on health and taste attributes of user contributions, and recipe recommendations based on the collective intelligence of the crowd.

Automated IoT Device Management

Smart glass with speech control for hands-free registration of IoT devices in the backend. The backend provides a central overview of all distributed devices and the administrator can update the device configuration which is automatically flashed on the IoT device. Demo video:

Touchless Wireless Authentication via VLC

We use VLC for machine-to-machine communication to ease the setup of Wi-Fi networks. Our system streamlines the credential management and achieves a “touchless” authentication experience in a distance-bounding manner, avoiding manual distribution and tedious input of passwords for login.

Smart Lighting Bulb

A smart lighting bulb advertising local services and allowing device coupling via VLC light signals.

Processing of Environmental Data

Microcontrollers measure large amounts of environmental data using their sensors. Users send scripts from their computers to such microcontrollers. A microcontroller performs calculations on the collected data based on the commands in the scripts. The results of the calculations are sent back to the user’s computer.