Honors Track in Technology Management – CDTM

The Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) offers the supplementary honors track in Technology Management, an interdisciplinary and international program for students of various disciplines, such as business studies, computer science and electrical engineering. The curriculum is designed to be completed in parallel to the students’ regular bachelor’s or master’s studies.

The CDTM is a joint institution of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and TUM. Since its foundation in 1998, the institution is has been led by a board of renowned professors of both universities and is supported by a large network of alumni.

The CDTM honors track aims to enable students to become innovators in future leadership positions and is characterized by interactivity, team orientation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Before graduating, CDTM students will have spent at least one semester abroad and gathered significant work experience, usually at one of CDTM’s partner universities or industry companies.


The curriculum focusses on education and research at the intersection of technology and management and on the use of digital media to develop solutions in various fields such as mobility, energy, and health.
Studies emphasize applying knowledge to produce tangible results, including the development of prototypes and business strategies. Courses are held in close cooperation with industry partners and start-ups.

The program is usually completed in two to four semesters. The program is conducted entirely in English and consists of core courses as well as electives. The core courses revolve around trend research, product development, and entrepreneurship. The electives can be chosen flexibly and equip students with management skills and methods that promote innovation. Courses include topics such as prototyping, design thinking, sketching with hardware, founding your own company, and soft skills.

The curriculum is based on four different interdisciplinary areas:

  • Technologies, Product Development, and Innovation
  • Information Systems Management
  • Economics, Management, and Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and Humanities The program also includes one semester abroad.

For detailed curriculum information, please see the program website.

Who Should Apply?

Any student enrolled at a Bavarian university who has completed at least three semesters of bachelor studies or is enrolled in a master’s program may apply. The honors distinction is awarded upon completion of a full master’s degree program (or equivalent). Applicants should:

  • be open-minded, curious and motivated,
  • be willing to take an active role in projects and activities at CDTM,
  • like to work in teams,
  • be able to express themselves in English,
  • have obtained above average results in their undergraduate studies,
  • have at least 10 weeks of work or internship experience.

How to Apply

Each semester, approximately 200 students apply for the program, out of which approximately 20 students will be selected on the basis of a written application and personal interviews.

Admission to the program:

  • The application deadline for intake in March (summer semester) is November 30 of the previous year.
  • The deadline for intake in August (winter semester) is May 30 of the same year.

Detailed application requirements for this specific program are available on the program website.

Career Opportunities

CDTM works together with a broad set of partners from academia and industry to make CDTM the center of a dynamic professional network in the area of technology management. Entrepreneurship is also one of its fundamental pillars. Accordingly, CDTM supports entrepreneurship with a variety of activities aiming at facilitating the foundation and growth of entrepreneurial ventures.

CDTM graduates are entrepreneurs, managers, and innovators who work in different countries and branches, but stay in touch with the strong community of CDTM.

Program Website