Honors Track in Computational Science and Engineering

The Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering (BGCE) is an association of three master’s programs:

The BGCE honors track, an elite program within the Elite Network of Bavaria, offers additional courses to the most capable and dedicated students in each of the partner’s degree programs. The honors-track program strives to advance both scientific education and personal skills of selected students. The extra effort, in addition to outstanding performance in the standard master’s program, be rewarded with excellent networking opportunities and the designation "with honors", a hallmark of outstanding academic achievement.


The BGCE is designed to enhance and deepen the studies that are part of the computational programs CSE, COME, and CE. An honors board will decide on the application on basis of the student's grade average in the first semester, taking also into account his or her individual background, talents, motivation, and course plans. Honors courses start with the second semester.

The cornerstones of this specialized elite offering are:

  • An honors project, either as junior team in ongoing research projects, or in cooperation with an industry partner
  • Scientific courses such as summer/winter academies and block tutorials for a deeper understanding of specific fields
  • Seminars on soft skills covering communication, presentations, teamwork, management, leadership, and related topics

Honors students need to earn 10 credit points in each of these three parts.

For detailed curriculum information, please see the program website.

Who Should Apply?

Students enrolled in the CSE, COME, and CE master’s programs are eligible to apply.

The deadline for application is typically end of January.

How to Apply

Students in the basic programs (CSE, COME, and CE) can apply to participate in this honors track after the first semester of their regular degree program. Applicants must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 (with no grade worse than 3.0) on the German grading scale, or must be among the top 25% of students in their graduating class.

Program Website