Coronavirus: special regulations regarding thesis registration and submission for CSE students

Please refer to the information from the department of informatics. Note that the following special regulations regarding thesis registration and submission only apply, if you are a student of M.Sc. Computational Science and Engineering:

  • Thesis registration: Please fill out the registration form and send it to the secretary of the examination board via email as a pdf (please use: Make sure to provide the required signatures directly on the form. You can use your smartphone or any similar device for editing the pdf.
  • Thesis submission: We will accept submitting the thesis in digital form. You don't have to submit a hard-copy of the thesis. Please submit your thesis to the secretary of the examination board via email as a pdf (please use: If your pdfs is too big for an attachment, please upload it to LRZ Sync+Share and send us a download link. You have to submit the part of the thesis (one page only) that has to be signed separately via post. Please use the text as given in this declaration for that and send it to

    CSE Coordinators
    Institut für Informatik 5
    Boltzmannstr. 3

    85748 Garching

If you face technical problems, don't hesitate to contact us. Note that we will not accept any other formats than pdf.

Registration and Formal Requirements

The master's thesis should preferably be started after all other program courses have been completed, but this is not a must. However, if the number of missing credits is too high, registration will be declined. As a policy, a person at TUM is officially always defining the topic, but you can conduct your thesis work in a variety of settings and get advice from people outside of TUM, as well:

  • Under the supervision of a TUM chair
    This is the most common choice for CSE students. Visit the website where TUM thesis offers are published. Not all thesis offers are published on this website, so also visit the websites of the research groups that attract you and contact the people in charge directly. It never hurts to ask!
  • At another university or research institute
    Visit the university's website to search for an interesting topic.
  • At a company 
    Many of our students start their thesis at the company where they worked as an intern or a Werksstudent.

In the last two cases you will have to make sure that you still find an examiner at TUM who signs the registration form and grades your thesis. In such a setting often an external person acts as an assistant advisor.

The CSE program coordinators often receive thesis offers from institutes at universities, different companies, or former CSE students. External thesis offers are usually posted at the bulletin board in front of the chair.

Every thesis must be examined by one or two professors (with “Prof.” or “PD” in their title), at least one must be a faculty member at TUM. If you wish to complete your thesis at an external company, be sure to find adequate examiners in time. Past students have experienced that it can be difficult to find professors who are willing to act as master's thesis examiners when they did not suggest the topic.

To register for your master's thesis, you will need to send your thesis proposal to the Examination Board (via the secretary of the CSE examination board) using this registration form. The registration form must include the topic and the intended start date, and it must be signed by the examiner and the student.

We highly recommend that you submit an abstract of the thesis before submitting the registration form in order to ensure that the topic is appropriate for CSE. This is especially important if the thesis will be written at an external university, a company, or a non-CSE chair at TUM. Only topics that are related to CSE will be accepted.

The master's thesis should be written in English. The Examination Board may accept another language, but in that case a summary in English must be included. The summary should not exceed one page (15-20 lines are sufficient).

Need help writing in English? The English Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting in English writing to all members of the TUM community. This is a great offer that can boost the quality of your thesis. Have a look at their website and book an appointment now!

Submitting your Master's Thesis

Submission Deadline

The master's thesis must not be handed in later than six months after your thesis start date. The start date is indicated on the registration form.

Note: Please make sure in advance that the chosen topic can be handled within the required timeframe. This is especially important if you plan to write your thesis at another university or an external institution, as they may be used to having more time to complete a thesis project.

Submission Requirements

You must submit identical copies of your thesis:

  • one official copy for the Examination Board
  • one copy for each of your examiners

The official copy for the Examination Board must be submitted to the CSE coordinators. You may give the additional copies directly to the examiner(s) or submit the copies via the coordinators, who will forward them to the examiner(s) for grading.

Note: All copies must be submitted by the submission deadline.

The use of a proper typesetting system like LaTeX is strongly recommended. Please refer to the thesis guidelines and rules for form and delivery while you are working on the thesis. Since these thesis guidelines hold for theses of the Informatics programs, make sure you adapt them for CSE. A template that fulfills all formal requirements for CSE can be found here (provided by Walter Simson).

Thesis Grading

After you submit your thesis, the coordinators will send a request for grading to the examiners. The examiners usually need a few weeks for reviewing and grading. When having more than one examiner, the thesis grade is calculated by averaging the value of the two grades given by the examiners.

Thesis Presentation

CSE regulations do not require thesis presentations, but some examiners choose to make them mandatory. If your examiner requires you to present your thesis, he/she will determine the presentation format, and you will be responsible for finding a date and room for the presentation.

The submission date of your thesis is the official last date of your thesis work. If your presentation is after this date, the submission date will still be used for official purposes.


If you are unable to meet the submission deadline for any reason outside of your control (i.e. access to resources/facilities, software/hardware failure, medical conditions, ...), you can request an extension of the working time via the secretary of the Examination Board with appropriate supporting documentation. Please send such a request as soon as issues arise, and at least one week before the deadline, so that the extension can be processed in a timely manner.

In general, if you are ill and prevented from working on the thesis, the working period will be paused according to the received medical certification. Please refer to the following link describing what the medical note must include in order to be considered valid:

For all other cases, your supervisor must agree with the extension or, even better, provide a statement acknowledging the reasons for the extension.