We currently offer two lectures. The lecture "Data analysis and visualization in R", consisting of lecture and exercise, is offered in winter term.

The lecture "Statistical modeling and machine learning" (consisting of lecture and exercise, too) is offered in the summer term.

Past trainings and lectures:

Past lectures:

Statistical modeling and machine learning - Fundamentals of machine learning from a probabilistic, mostly Bayesian, point of view. For bioinformatics, physics, and statistics master students. This lecture was offered in Summer term 2013, Winter term 2013/14, Winter term 2014/15, Summer term 2016.

Molecular Systems Biology 1 - Transcriptional regulation - experiments and quantitative models - This course covers transcriptional regulation from a quantitative perspective. For bioinformatics and biochemistry master students. This lecture was offered in Winter term 2012/13

Past trainings:

28.Oct.-1st Nov. 2013 Course on RNASeq analysis using BioConductor, Satellite of X-meeting BSB 2013, Recife, Brazil.

14.Oct-19.Oct. 2013 EMS Autumn School on Computational Aspects of Gene Regulation, Będlewo, Poland.

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