Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room MI 02.07.014

Time 12:30 - 14:00


Wed, 18.10.2017 Max Herzog Benchmark of aberrant expression detection approaches for genetic diagnosis of Mendelian disorders
Wed, 25.10.2017 Basak Eraslan Effects​ ​of​ ​cis-regulatory​ ​elements​ ​on​ ​post-transcriptional​ ​regulation
Wed, 08.11.2017 Ziga Avsev Kipoi: model zoo for genomics
Fri, 17.11.2017 Leonhard Wachutka Biogenesis of RNA-Isoforms
Tue, 21.11.2017 Christian Mertes FraseR - Find Rare Aberrant Splicing Events in RNA data.
Wed, 29.11.2017 Dimitry Tegunov and Georg Stricker Multi-particle analysis in cryo-electron microscopy and GenoGAM 2.0: Scalable longitudinal model for human genomics data.”
Wed, 06.12.2017 Georg Stricker GenoGAM 2.0: Scalable longitudinal model for human genomics data
Wed, 13.12.2017 Jun Cheng Genomic Variant Effect Prediction with Deep Splicing Model
Mon, 20.12.2017 Vicente Yepez Finding associations between (non coding) ncRNAs and rare mitochondrial diseases
Wed, 20.12.2017 Mohammadamin Barekatain Multi-task Deep Learning for Predicting RNA-Protein Binding Sites
Wed, 10.01.2018 Agne Matuseviciute Normalization of Gene Expression Data using Autoencoder
Wed, 17.01.2018 Felix Brechtmann OUTRIDER: OUTlier in RNA-seq fInDER
Wed, 24.01.2018 Daniela Simancas FIRE (Functional Inference of Regulators of Expression) by Ioannidis, et al
Tue, 30.01.2018 Falko Späh Investigation of Transcriptional Gene-expression-regulating Factors in Yeast using Large-scale Genetic Perturbation Data
Wed, 07.02.2018 Ziga Avsec Kipoi: Model Zoo for Genomics
Wed, 14.02.2018 Elaine Zosa GenePROF: Disease Gene Prioritization
Wed, 21.02.2018 Basak Eraslan Proteogenomic characterization of human tissues reveals mRNA motifs controlling protein abundance
Wed, 28.02.2018 Leonhard Wachutka TT-seq allows high-precision measurement of RAN splicing rates