Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room 01.09.034

Time Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:00


Wed, Oct. 24 Behrooz Azarkhalili DeepPathology: Deep Multi-task Learning for Inferring Molecular Pathology from Cancer Transcriptome
Wed, Oct. 31 Ziga Avsec Kipoi: Model zoo for genetics
Wed, Nov. 7 Elaine Zosa Weak splice sites as a source of private exons
Wed, Nov. 21 Daniela Simancas Kipoi-CADD and an introduction to CADD v1.4
Wed, Dec. 19 Ines Scheller FraseR: Find RAre Splicing Events in RNA-seq data
Wed, Jan. 9 Florian Hölzlwimmer Mixture model-based analysis of large single cell RNA-seq datasets
Wed, Jan. 9 Ping-Han Hsieh talkk about his research work at the National Taiwan University
Wed, Jan. 16 Madalina Giurgiu REP - RNA Expression Prediction (Tissue-specific gene expression imputation)
Wed, Jan. 23 Hasan Çelik Improvement Efforts in MMSplice Exon Model: Retraining exon model with saturation mutagenesis data
Wed, Jan. 23 Setareh Dolati Single cell migration; The mechanism behind the movement of cancer cells
Wed, Jan. 30 Daniela Simancas Improving variant scoring with Kipoi-CADD
Wed, Jan. 30 Enes Senel Activity dependent proteomic changes during homeostatic scaling
Wed, Feb. 6 Ziga Avsec BPNet: Learning single-nucleotide resolution predictive models of in vivo transcription factor binding from ChIP-nexus data
Wed, Feb. 6 David Fischer Impulse model-based differential expression analysis of time course sequencing data
Wed, Feb. 13 Madalina Giurgiu Improved Pathogenic Variant Localization via a Hierarchical Model of Sub-regional Intolerance
Wed, Feb. 20 Christian Mertes FraseR: A statistical method to Find RAre Splicing Events in RNA-seq data with denoising autoencoders
Wed, Feb. 20 Hasan Celik Generative modeling and latent space arithmetics predict single-cell perturbation response across cell types, studies and species
Wed, Feb. 27 Leonhard Wachutka TTSeq and splicing kinetics
Wed, Feb. 27 Ziga Avsec A pitfall for machine learning methods aiming to predict across cell types
Wed, Mar. 6 Dr Li Deng From the environment to health: the functional role of phagome
Wed, Mar. 6 Michaela Müller A Genetic Diagnosis Workflow: Monoallelic Expression (MAE) & Variant Annotation
Wed. Mar. 19 Christian Mertes ranscript expression-aware annotation improves rare variant discovery and interpretation
Wed. Mar. 27 Yingjiqiong Liang Prediction of aberrant splicing from sequence and their role in rare and common disease