Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room tba

Time Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:30


Wed, Oct 13 Kim Anh Lilian Le

Integration of multi-omics data in cancer driver gene prediction

Wed, Oct 20 Daniela Klaproth-Andrade De Novo Sequencing with Combinatorial Optimization and Deep Learning
Wed, Nov 3 Ines Scheller

Detection of aberrant molecular events in -omics data

Wed, Nov 17 Pedro Tomaz da Silva Uncovering the link between mRNA translation and degradation across tissues and its underlying mechanisms
Wed, Nov 24 Michaela Müller Aberrant expression and splicing in non-coding RNAs
Wed, Dec 1 Laura Martens Predicting scATAC-seq from scRNA-seq using sequence based models