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Goblint is a static analyzer written in OCaml for the analysis of multi-threaded C programs. Goblint is developed jointly at our chair and the Chair of Programming Languages and Systems at the University of Tartu. Students interested in bachelor and master theses on Goblint should have gained experience in functional programming as well as on abstract interpretation, e.g. by having completed the program optimization course. For inspiration, you may have a look at our open issues tracked on the Goblint Github page. If you want to do a student thesis related to Goblint, you may contact Julian Erhard and Michael Schwarz.

Other topics

If you are interested in working on other topics related to compiler construction or static analysis, you may contact us via e-mail.

Completed Theses

This is an incomplete list of some of the theses related to Goblint that were completed at our chair since the middle of 2019.

Bachelor's thesis

Adding Support for C99 and C11 to the Goblint Static Analyzer (Coşku Barış Coşlu, BA 10/20)
Extending a Syntactic Search in C Source Code with Analysis Results from the Static Analyzer Goblint (Elias Brandstetter, BA 09/20)
Comparison of Analyses in CIL and Goblint (Kerem Cakirer, BA 09/20)
Syntactical Search in C Source Code (Olga Faddeenkov, BA 07/20)
User Interface for Program Analyzer Goblint using a OCaml-JavaScript Transpiler (Alex Micheli, BA 05/20)

Master's thesis

Implementation and Comparison of Precision of Various Abstract Domains in the Program Analyzer Goblint (Dymtro Yakymets, MA 11/20)
Incremental Static Analysis with Goblint (Julian Erhard, MA 04/19)
Sound Yet Precise Modelling of Arrays in Abstract Interpretation (Michael Schwarz, MA 04/19)