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Michael Schwarz, M.Sc.

I am interested in Static Analysis by Abstract Interpretation and contribute to the static analyzer Goblint. I am a participant in the DFG RTG ConVeY.



Goblint: Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation Using Side-Effecting Constraints - (Competition Contribution).

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Goblint: Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation Using Side-Effecting Constraints - (Competition Contribution). TACAS (2) : 438-442text to speech


Improving Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation.

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Improving Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation. CoRR abs/2108.07613 ()text to speech


For inquiries related to IN0003 Functional Programming and Verification, please do not email me directly, but only our shared mailbox


  • Tutorials for IN0003 Functional Programming and Verification (Winter '21/'22)
  • Tutorials for IN2227 Compiler Construction (Summer '20, '21)
  • Pratical Course: Static Analysis - Automated Bug Hunting and Beyond (Summer '21)
  • Practial Course: Program Optimization with LLVM (Winter '20/'21, Summer '20) 

Supervised Theses:
If you are interested in doing a student thesis related to static analysis and Goblint, feel free to reach out. For more information on possible student topics see here.

Bachelor's Theses Master's Theses
  • A Continuous Integration and Testing Platform for the Static Analyzer Goblint (Andreas Ferrano, 04/21)
  • Webtool to create and check canonical LR automata (Leo Fahrbach, 02/21, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Petter)
  • Extending a Syntactic Search in C Source Code with Analysis Results from the Static Analyzer Goblint (Elias Brandstetter, 09/20)
  • Extending a VS-Code Plugin for a LLVM-based Program Analyzer with a Mapping back to High Level Code (Benedikt Kehrein, 09/20)
  • Comparison of Analyses in CIL and Goblint (Kerem Cakirer, 09/20)
  • Syntactical Search in C Source Code (Olga Faddeenkov, 07/20)
  • User Interface for Program Analyzer Goblint using a OCaml-JavaScript Transpiler (Alex Micheli, 05/20)
  • Liveness Analysis of Multi-Threaded C with Posix Threads (Denis Grebennicov, 05/21)
  • Implementation and Comparison of Precision of Various Abstract Domains in the Program Analyzer Goblint (Dymtro Yakymets, 11/20)