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M.Sc. Mohsen Ahmadvand

Informatik 4 - Lehrstuhl für Software & Systems Engineering (Prof. Pretschner)

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About me

I am a researcher and PhD student at the Chair of Software Engineering at TU Munich headed by Prof. Pretschner. I hold a master's degree (with distinction) in computer science majoring in software security also from TU Munich. Prior to my employment at TUM, I have worked as a software developer and security engineer at several different companies.

Research interests

My research interest lies primarily in the area of software integrity protection against Man-At-The-End (MATE) attackers. I’m also interested in distributed systems (particularly microservices) security, insider threat mitigation, cryptography and trusted computing. Currently, I’m working on a toolchain for software integrity protection and evaluation.


Bachelor and Master Thesis Topics

Please contact me if you are interested in doing your Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or guided research project in the field of software protection under my supervision. If you have your own idea for a thesis topic which is related to the ones below, please feel free to contact me.

Open topics

  • Currently none.

Ongoing topics

  • Currently none.

Completed topics


Teaching Assistance

Winter Semester 2018/2019: Fundamentals of Programming (IN0002) 

Summer Semester 2018: Microservice integrity protection lab

Winter Semester 2017/2018: Advanced topics in software engineering

Summer Semester 2017: Software integrity protection lab

Winter Semester 2016/2017: Advanced topics in software engineering

Summer Semester 2016: Requirements engineering


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  • Ahmadvand, Mohsen; Fischer, Dennis; Banescu, Sebastian: SIP shaker: software integrity protection composition. Proceedings of the 35th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference on - ACSAC '19, ACM Press, 2019 mehr…
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  • Ahmadvand, Mohsen; Hayrapetyan, Anahit; Banescu, Sebastian; Pretschner, Alexander: Practical Integrity Protection with Oblivious Hashing. Proceedings of the 34th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference on - ACSAC '18, ACM Press, 2018 mehr…
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