Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, eine der renommiertesten Zeitungen Deutschlands, berichtet über unser Forschungsprojekt Inverse Transparenz. Unter der Überschrift "Gute Daten, böse Daten" werden Gründe für die Erhebung von Arbeitnehmerdaten genannt, sowie das Zusammenspiel mit... [mehr]

Our seminars and practical courses for summer semester 2021 are online!  Check out our seminars on Software Quality, Natural Language Processing and the practical course on Implementing and Practicing Inverse Transparency! See you at the info meetings and don't forget to... [mehr]

Unsicher konfigurierte Geräte stellen ein großes Sicherheitsproblem dar. Eine Möglichkeit, dieses Problem zu lösen, sind öffentlich verfügbare und standartisierte Sicherheitskonfigurationsrichtlinien. Dieser Ansatz birgt jedoch die Schwierigkeit, dass Administratoren auf Basis der... [mehr]

In a large scale study involving 70 professionals from renowned companies, we created a software maintainability dataset. In this paper, we present how to select and proritize code samples and how to aggregate the judgments of several human experts. [mehr]

This paper presents a novel approach to formulate different notions of causal reasoning, over binary acyclic models, as optimization problems, based on quantifiable notions within counterfactual computations.    [mehr]

Paper title: Actual Causality Canvas: A General Framework for Explanation-based Socio-Technical Constructs; Amjad Ibrahim This paper proposes a unifying framework and an interactive platform to address the problem of operationalizing actual causality for purposes of enabling... [mehr]

Zum ausführlichen Bericht: https://www.in.tum.de/news-single-view/article/preisverleihung-2020/ [mehr]

Our chair has two accepted papers at the IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2020! Read the publications here: Paper Title: Generating Avoidable Collision Scenarios for Testing Autonomous Driving Systems,; Alessandro Calò; Paolo... [mehr]

Paper Title: "Automated Anomaly Detection in CPS Log Files - A Time Series Clustering Approach"; Tabea Schmidt et al. In this work, we propose to cluster the time series data of log files of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) to detect anomalies in the system's behavior in an automated... [mehr]

Title: Automated Implementation of Windows-related Security-Configuration Guides Authors: Patrick Stöckle, Dr. Bernd Grobauer, and Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner Conference: IEEE/ACM Automated Software Engineering (ASE) ... [mehr]