"Language-Agnostic Optimization of Interpreted Code": Special Talk by Prof. Saumya K Debray

Source: https://www2.cs.arizona.edu/~debray/

As part of our "Trends in Software Engineering" Obserseminar, our special guest, Prof. Saumya K Debray, will give a talk entitled "Language-Agnostic Optimization of Interpreted Code". This talk's abstract is:

"Scientists often develop their research software in languages, such as Matlab, Python, or R, that support ease of programming. Unfortunately, this sometimes incurs a cost in performance and scalability. We describe some of the ideas behind a new project that aims to automatically optimize and parallelize scientific codes written in such languages. The goal is to develop techniques and tools that are language-agnostic, i.e., which can be applied without regard to the particular source language the program was written in".

For more details about Prof. Debray's talk, please refer to our "Trends in Software Engineering" page.