Automotive Software – Methods and Technologies

Type Master Seminar
Semester Summer semester 2020
Language German, English
Contact Valentin Zieglmeier



Students will survey the literature of one of the research topics assigned to them by their supervisors; they are encouraged to find and read further relevant articles on the topic. At the end of the seminar, students are to submit an exposé that incorporates the knowledge they acquired and the findings of any experiments they conducted whilst researching the topic. The exposé depicts a scientific paper that adopts their own succinct chain of argumentation. Merely paraphrasing and augmenting the contents of original papers is not sufficient.


  • A seminar report written in conformance with the TUM guidelines
    • Length: 6-10 pages, with a maximum allowed length of 15 pages.
    • Style: Must be Springer LNCS style.
    • All submissions must be PDF files.
    • Submissions must be uploaded to the Moodle course page.
  • A presentation of 15 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: Moodle
  • Presentation date: TUMonline

Rules for participation

  1. Plagiarism of any form (blatant copy-paste, summarizing some else's ideas/results without reference etc.) will result in immediate expulsion from the course.
  2. All submissions are mandatory. Each submission must fulfill a certain level of quality. Submissions that are just collections of buzzword/keywords or coarse document structures will not be accepted. Failing that will be graded 5.0.
  3. Late submissions will invite penalties.
  4. Non-adherence to submission guidelines will invite penalties.
  5. Participation and attendance in all seminar presentations is mandatory. Students must read the final submissions of their colleagues and participate in the discussions.