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Art: Oberseminar
Raum: 01.11.018 (Konrad Zuse)
Zeit: Montag (16:00–17:00)
Kontakt:  Ana Petrovska

Kommende Vorträge im aktuellen Studienjahr

Date Speaker Title Time
12.10.2020 Patrik Zander BA final: Tracking Jira Data Accesses through the Database Layer 16:00–16:30
12.10.2020 Antonia Maria Lehene BA final: Methodologically Achieving User Trust 16:30–17:00
19.10.2020 Hanna Reß BA final: An Analysis Plugin Toolbox for Jira 16:00–16:30
19.10.2020 Daniel Pfaff MA final: Semantically-Enhanced Failure Diagnosis: Application of Ontology-based Reasoning to an Autonomous Crane System 16:30–17:00
26.10.2020 Martin Eisenmann MA final: Evaluating the Performance of Different Solving Techniques for an Automotive Deployment Exploration Use Case 16:30–17:00
26.10.2020 Samuel Valenzuela BA final: Making Self-Checksumming Combined with Virtualization Obfuscation Resistant against Attacks 16:30–17:00


Vergangene Vorträge

14.10.2019 Mr. Stefan Sparber BA final: Building a Framework for Objective Evaluation of Malware Detection Methods 14.00–14.30
14.10.2019 Ms. Lena Voigt BA final: Design of an Improved Scapolite Check Mechanism 14.30–15.00
21.10.2019 Mr. Adrian Endlicher BA final: From simulation to a real system—A ROS-Based Multi-Robot System 14.00–14.30
21.10.2019 Mr. Dominik Horn BA final: A Labeling Platform for Software Quality 14.30–15.00
28.10.2019 Mr. Thomas Stohl MA intermediate: Data-driven modeling and optimization of an unknown PCM thermal energy storage 14.00–14.30
04.11.2019 Mr. Florian Andres MA final: Machine Learning for Operational Optimization of District Heating Systems 14.00–14.30
04.11.2019 Mr. Fabian Raab MA final: Security-Configuration Automation for UNIX 14.30–15.00
11.11.2019 Mr. Alessandro Calo MA final: Generating Avoidable Collision Scenarios for Testing Automated and Autonomous Driving Systems 14.00–14.30
11.11.2019 Mr. Maximilian Lösch BA final: Automatic Security Configuration for Mobile Devices


25.11.2019 Mr. Sergio Quijano MA final: Multi-Source Knowledge Aggregation in Subjective Logic 14.00–14.30
25.11.2019 Mr. Michael Schott BA final: Developing a Tool for Service Grouping and Property Specification in a Service-oriented Architecture 14.30–15.00
13.01.2020 Mr. Philipp Foth BA final: Similarity Based System Trajectory Classification 14.00–14.30
13.01.2020 Ms. Carolin Brandt MA final: How to Analyze Build Logs - A Comparative Study of Chunk Retrieval Techniques 14.30–15.00
20.01.2020 Mr. Tobias Kick MA final: Checking OCL Invariants on EMF Models Using SMT Solving - A trade-off analysis on runtime optimizations 14.00–14.30
20.01.2020 Mr. Thomas Stohl MA final: Data-driven modelling of a PCM thermal energy storage 14.30–15.00
03.02.2020 Mr. Michael Sammerreier BA final: A comparison of different cohesion and coupling metrics 14.00–14.30
03.02.2020 Ms. Chenhong Huang MA final: Failure Recognition based on Test Results in Hardware-in-the-Loop Setups 14.30–15.00
23.03.2020 Mr. Dominik Mauksch MA final: Compromising Autonomous Driving through Low Level Vulnerabilities 09.30–10.00
23.03.2020 Mr. Adrian Thilo MA final: Improving Coupling Metrics using Services in Java Applications 10.00–10.30
20.04.2020 Mr. Philipp Fehrmann MA final: Cornering Cohesion: Investigating new ways to measure software cohesion 16.00–16.30
20.04.2020 Mr. Vladislav Stepa MA final: Preventing Repackaging of Android Apps Using Integrity Checking 16.30–17.00
27.04.2020 Mr. Felix Huber MA final: Automatic and Reproducible Attacks on insecurely configured Systems based on Security-Configuration Rules 16.00–16.30
04.05.2020 Ms. Lena Ukisten MA final: Data-based Supplier Risk Assessment and Definition of Quality Requirements 16.00–16.30
11.05.2020 Mr. Theo Beffart GR final: Logical Architecture for Engineering Smart Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems 16.00–16.30
18.05.2020 Mr. Barış Şen BA thesis: Automating User Acceptance Tests 16.00–16.30
18.05.2020 Mr. Dmitrij Boschko GR final: Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes for Planning in Smart Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems 16.30–17.00
25.05.2020 Ms. Ayishetu Haruna GR final: Application of a Methodology for Systematic Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems 16.00–16.30
08.06.2020 Ms. Nathalie Pett BA final: Mining Repositories for Automatic Quality Estimations 16.00–16.30
13.07.2020 Daniel Erler BA final: Failure Prediction-driven Deployment Reconfiguration for Mixed-Criticality Systems 16:00–16:30
20.07.2020 Marius Guggenmos MA final: Software Protection and Taint Based Attacks 16:00–16:30
27.07.2020 Florian Baader BA final: Change-based Test Execution Optimization in the Development Environment 16:00–16:30
27.07.2020 Björn-Aljoscha Kullmann MA final: Assessing the Quality of Data Models 16:30–17:00
03.08.2020 Julian Weick MA final: Learning Optimal Hyper-Parameters in Smart Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems 16:00–16:30