Sebastian Wolf, M.Sc.

Technische Universität München

Institut für Informatik
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching b. München

Büro: im Leibniz Rechenzentrum (Boltzmannstr. 1), E.2.032
Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung

Email: wolf.sebastian (at)
Telefon: +49 (089) 35831-7815

Research interests

I work on the earthquake simulation software SeisSol.

  • Wave propagation phenomena
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
  • Earthquake simulations



  • Wolf, Sebastian: Advanced Material Models for Seismic Simulations using ADER-DG. SIAM Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences (GS21), 2021 mehr…
  • Wolf, Sebastian; Bader, Michael; Gabriel, Alice-Agnes; Galis, Martin; Uphoff, Carsten: Wave propagation in anisotropic and poroelastic media using high order ADER-DG. ISC High Performance 2021, 2021 mehr…


  • Boffi, Daniele; Gastaldi, Lucia; Wolf, Sebastian: Higher-order time-stepping schemes for fluid-structure interaction problems. Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - B 22 (11), 2020, 3807-3830 mehr…
  • Wolf, Sebastian; Gabriel, Alice-Agnes; Bader, Michael: Optimization and Local Time Stepping of an ADER-DG Scheme for Fully Anisotropic Wave Propagation in Complex Geometries. Computational Science - ICCS 2020 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12139), Springer, 2020, 32-45 mehr…

Student projects

If you are interested in a Bachelor or Master thesis, contact me via email. There are always some open topics, which change with my ongoing research.

Running projects:

  • Parallelization for uncertainty quantification with SeisSol (M.Sc.)

Finished Student Projects


  • Philipp Wendland: Time-Reversal of Seismic Waves in SeisSol. Masterarbeit, 2021 mehr…


  • Adrian Knoll: Software Engineering of Friction Models for Earthquake Source Dynamics in SeisSol. Masterarbeit, 2020 mehr…
  • Sebastian Schäfer: Efficiencency Analysis of Seismic High Performance Simulations. Bachelorarbeit, 2020 mehr…