The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Title
Tobias Humig Exploring Performance Modeling of Different Algorithms in AutoPas
Tianyi Ge Efficient Integration of a novel Hierarchical matrix format (GOFMM) for solving kernel matrices from autoregression problems
Shubham Khatri Machine learnin-based extension of an explainable model order reduction concept
Felix Sievers Uncertainty quantification of reduced order models via stochastical reduced order basis and non-intrusive operator inference
Mohamad Amound Learning Differential Operators for Fluid Dynamics on Unstructured Grids
Estefania Tealdo Approximation of Linear Operators with Neural Networks
Raffael Düll Evaluation of adaptive time-stepping methods for sequences of earthquakes and aseismic slip
H.W. Second-Order Optimization Methods for Bayesian Neural Networks
N.K.S. , Physics Informed Neural Networks in Fluid Dynamics
Lisa Scheller Dual unitary gates for digital quantum circuits
Rebecca Brydon Implementation of an Adjoint solver in Julia using automatic differentiation for seismic wave equations
Iulia-Otilia Mustea Quantum dynamics simulations with GPU support
Philipp Seitz Simulation of Quantum Circuits with Tree Tensor Networks
Aurangzeb Ali Rathore Adaptive Multifidelity Deep Gaussian Process for Uncertainty Quantification
Ryan Novak Transfer Learning in the Context of Quantum Dynamics Simulations
Nikola Tomic , 3D visualization of scientific results in pedestrian dynamics
Nino Mumladze Solving eigenproblems with Neural Networks
Asima Azmat Identification of stochastic differential equations with Artificial Neural Networks
Marc Cunningham Image Segmentation of Root Micrographs
Jonas Fill Development of the Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network Architectures for Hydrological Time Series Forecasting
Ruben Pfeiffer Solving Matching Problems with Quantum Annealing
Johannes Kroll MPI-Parallel tuning strategies for inhomogeneous scenarios in AutoPas
Jonas Schulz Efficient Sorted Neighbor Identification Algorithms for Short-Rang N-Body Simulations in AutoPas
Ludwig Kratzl Performance portability and evaluation of heterogeneous components of SeisSol targeted to upcoming Intel HPC GPUs
Maximilian Michallik Adaptive Regression with the Spatially Adaptive Combination Technique
Sonja Doppelfeld Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Applications with the Sparse Grid Density Estimation
Sreejit Dutta Quantum Generative Models
Omar Ibrahim Interface and data transfer between quantum computing users and hardware backends
Atamert Rahma Towards Soft Error Resilience in SWE with teaMPI
Raphael Penz Implementation and Evaluation of additional Particle Simulation Types with AutoPas
Daniil Teplitskiy Quantum tomography of spin glasses via time-delayed measurements
Johanna Franziska Schinabeck Classification of Ising phases for the purpose of transfer learning using neural networks
Yi-Han Hsieh Second Order training for Natural Language Processing using Newton-CG Optimizers
Xiang Tao Extending a second order optimizer to NLP
Manuel Schnaus Towards Resilience Methods for Simulation Applications based on Actor Replication
Michael Plainer Transport of Discontinuous Densities with Artificial Neural Networks
Ludwig Gärtner Integrating Kokkos into AutoPas for hardware agnostic particle simulations
Jacky Körner Enabling Massive Parallelism for the AutoPas Demonstrator MD-Flexible using Adaptive Domain Decomposition
Martin Frank Enabling Massive Parallelism for the AutoPas Demonstrator MD-Flexible using Adaptive Domain Decomposition
Johannes Spies Implementation and Benchmarking of Adaptive Tree-based Particle Containers for AutoPas
Jonas Schuhmacher Efficient Implementation and Evaluation of the NASA Breakup Model in modern C++
Oliver Bösing Efficient trajectory modelling for space debris evolution
Hisham Saeed Development and evaluation of the Elmer adapter for the coupling library preCice
Wiktor Jurasz Quantum and Classical Generative Modeling for Quantum State Preparation
Sinan Harputluoglu Robust Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Spaceships with Failing Sensors
Ludwig Dickmanns Pose Estimation and Analysis for American Football Videos
Ashish Khanal Hand pose estimation and gesture detection from webcam images
Sabin Bhandari Landing a Spaceship with Koopman Operator Theory and Model Predictive Control

Student Assistants

Budanaz, Yakup
Dickmanns, Ludwig
Elsharkawy, Amr
Grad, Michael
Koseomur, Oguz Ziya
Nguyen, Phuong
Raicea, Radu
Schmeller, Maximilian
Simonis, Frédéric