Open Student Assistant Positions (HiWi)

The positions listed below are addressed to students looking for a job or internship during their Bachelor or Master education. If you are looking for a PhD position, please have a look at our open PhD positions.

Next level self-driving car software architectures & OS design

Student / Graduate Assistants for automotive project 20 h/week

Position details

Modular Robotics

Work on the front of modular robotics in cooperation with Kea Robotics GmbH. It's all about creating something to be used!

Open positions:

  • ROS Library Developer and Mainainer for Modular Robots

Develop and maintain a ROS library for modular robots. 

Contact: Paul Maroldt (

HORSE and REMODEL projects

  • Student / Graduate Assistants for Web Development: English, German

For questions please contact Arne Peters.

Neurorobotics in the Human Brain Project

Tutor for Teaching

CommonRoad Software Developers

Student Assistant Positions for Robotics @fortiss

  • For relevant open student assistant positions in the area of robotics please check the fortiss webpage.

Software Development at SANEON

SANEON offers internships and student assistant positions as advertised here.