Foto von Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh

Dr. rer. nat. Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh

Technische Universität München

Informatik 6 - Lehrstuhl für Robotik, Künstliche Intelligenz und Echtzeitsysteme (Prof. Knoll)


Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr. rer. nat. from Technical University of Munich, Germany, June 2019
  • Dissertation: A Modeling Framework to Facilitate Schedule Synthesis of Time-Sensitive Networking
  • Master degree in informatics from Technical University of Munich, Germany, October 2012
  • Bachelor degree in informatics from RWTH Aachen, Germany, March 2011

Research Interests

  • Time-Sensitive Networking
  • Modeling, Configuration, and Verification of Real-time Communication Systems
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Automated Time-triggered Schedule Synthesis of IEEE 802.1Qbv
  • Deterministic Networked Medical Systems
  • In-Car Communication Architectures
  • Plug & Play Concepts for Real-time Systems


  • WS 16/17 Vorlesung Echtzeitsysteme
  • WS 15/16 Vorlesung Echtzeitsysteme
  • WS 15/16 Seminar Interoperable and Deterministic Networked Medical Systems
  • SS 15 Seminar Real-time Communication in Networked Medical Systems
  • WS 14/15 Seminar Real-time Communication Systems
  • WS 14/15 Vorlesung Echtzeitsysteme
  • WS 14/15 Selected Topics from communication systems and middleware domain
  • SS 14 Seminar Real Communication Systems
  • WS 13/14 Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz

Supervised Theses

  • Master Thesis: Logical Model Building for the Integration of Mechanical and Electronical Domains in Vehicle Development Exemplified by the Emergency Brake Assist, Ömer CAN

  • Master Thesis: An Ontology-Based Approach to Reduce Configuration Complexities in Time-Sensitive Network, Sina Shafaei

  • Master Thesis: Correlations between network conditions and quality of CACC systems in terms of safety, efficiency and channel utilization, Fabian Göckel

  • Master Thesis: Car2X Use Cases within a 5G C-ITS concept, Daniel Heuser

  • Master Thesis: Formal Method Based Analysis of an Ophthalmic Surgical Robot Considering Hard Real-Time Constraints, Amir Kabouteh

  • Guided Research: Analysis and Implementation of Ring Oscillator-Based Soft-Sensors to Measure Temperature of an FPGA, Amirali Amiri

  • Bachelor Thesis: Monitoring and configuration of device connections in medical environments by applying a service-oriented software architecture, Andre Stefanov

  • Bachelor Thesis: A Concept for Automatic Code Generation for Medical Peripheral Interfaces based on IEEE/ISO 11073 Standard, Rania Sanaa

  • Bachelor Thesis: Questionnair-based Java Web Application for Automatic Code Generation in Medical Embedded Systems, Yassine Karafi

  • Bachelor Thesis: A Concept for Bridging between ISO/IEEE 11073 and OPC Unified Architecture, Cato Wang


  • OR.NET: Secure dynamic networking in the operating room and clinic (closed BMBF project 2013-2016)
  • SOMATCH (closed EU project 2015-2016)
  • OSBORNE: Evaluation and integration of Time-Sensitive Networking in future E/E architectures (running BMW project 2016-2019)
  • SunRISE: Shared IoT Security -  Security in Time-Sensitive Networks (EU/BMBF project which will start soon 2019-2022)



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