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M.Sc. Julian Tatsch

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Curriculum Vitae

Julian Tatsch holds two masters degrees with distinction in computer science (2015) and business (2011) from Technische Universität München. From 12/2015 until 05/2019 he was a research assistant in the computer vision group at the BMW Group Autonomous Driving Department.


Research Interests

Scene Understanding with Computer Vision:

  • Improving Semantic Segmentation with Depth/Temporal Cues
  • Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
  • Entity Relationship Detection
  • Learning from Artificial Data and Transferring to the Real World
  • Active Learning



Organizer of 1st International Workshop on "Data Driven Intelligent Vehicle Applications" (DDIVA 2019) @ 30th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV 2019)

Supervised Theses

  • The Value of Depth for Semantic Segmentation Neural Networks
  • Temporal Modeling for Semantic Video Segmentation
  • Point Cloud Segmentation for Automotive Applications
  • Fusing Visual Features and Semantic Knowledge for Visual Relationship Understanding in Autonomous Driving
  • Deep Learning of Knowledge Embeddings for Visual Scene Understanding in Autonomous Driving
  • Active Learning - Intelligent Training Strategies for Data-Efficient Object Detectors in Autonomous Driving
  • Learning from Synthetic Data: Domain Transfer for Detection- and Segmentationmodels