Fundamental Algorithms (CSE) (IN2157)




  • Due to the large number of registered participants, the first week as well as the second lecture will be held online; in the second lecture, the number of actual participants should become clear and we can finalize the solution to the room situation for teaching in physical presence. After this initial period 26.10.-2.11 the teaching in presence will still be reachable also online at bbb for those of you who cannot come.



  • Fundamentals: Models of Computation, Complexity Measures
  • Sorting: Bubble-Sort, Merge-Sort, Quick-Sort, Median-Algorithms, Lower Bounds, etc.: sorting in parallel
  • Searching: Hashing, Search Trees, etc.
  • Arithmetic Problems: parallel prefix computation, parallel matrix and vector operations
  • Foundations of parallel algorithms and simple models of parallel computation
  • Algorithms on (weighted) graphs: traversals, shortest paths, etc.