Picture of Martin Lurz

Martin Lurz, M.Sc.

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Place of employment

Informatics 17 - Chair of Information Systems and Business Process Management (Prof. Rinderle-Ma)

Boltzmannstr. 3(5612)/II
85748 Garching b. München

  • Phone: +49 (89) 289 - 19519
  • Room: 5612.02.059
  • martin.lurz(at)tum.de

Educational Background

  • M.Sc. in Media Informatics (LMU München)
  • B.Eng. in Media Engineering (TH Nürnberg)

Work Experience

  • Industrieanalagen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG), Ottobrunn
  • Jung von Matt/next, Hamburg

Research Interests

  • E-Health/M-Health
  • Quantified Self
  • Situation-based and predictive health interventions
  • (Digital) Nudging
  • Motivation concepts and systems


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  • Hauptmann, Hanna; Leipold, Nadja; Madenach, Mira; Wintergerst, Monika; Lurz, Martin; Groh, Georg; Böhm, Markus; Gedrich, Kurt; Krcmar, Helmut: Effects and challenges of using a nutrition assistance system: results of a long-term mixed-method study. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 2021 mehr…
  • Lurz, Martin; Billmann, Maren; Böhm, Markus; Krcmar, Helmut: A Technology-Driven Approach for Child-Friendly Diabetes Management. In: Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management. Posture, Motion and Health. Springer International Publishing, 2020 mehr…
  • Eichhorn, Christian; Plecher. David A.; Lurz, Martin; Leipold, Nadja; Böhm, Markus; Krmcar, Helmut; Ott, Angela; Volkert, Dorothee; Hiyama, Atsushi; Klinker,Gudrun: THe Innovative Reminder in Senior-Focused Technology (THIRST)—Evaluation of Serious Games and Gadgets for Alzheimer Patients. 5th International Conference, ITAP 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, 2019Orlando, FL, USA mehr…
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  • Hermes, Sebastian; Lurz, Martin; Böhm, Markus; Krcmar, Helmut: Evaluating the Usability and Usefulness of a Mobile Application for Training Visual Mnemonic Techniques in Participants with Subjective Cognitive Decline: An Exploratory Pilot Study. Procedia Computer Science 160, 2019, 439-444 mehr…
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  • Eichhorn, Christian; Plecher, David A.; Klinker, Gudrun; Lurz, Martin; Leipold, Nadja; Böhm, Markus; Krcmar, Helmut; Ott, Angela; Volkert, Dorothee; Hiyama, Atsushi: Innovative Game Concepts for Alzheimer Patients. In: Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Applications in Health, Assistance, and Entertainment. Springer International Publishing, 2018 mehr…