Chair for Information Systems at 15th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik in Potsdam

This week, the Chair of Information Systems presents nine papers at the 15th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik in Potsdam:

• The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Overcoming Socio-Cognitive Inertia During Digital Transformation – A Configurational Perspective (Julia Ertl, David Soto Setzke, Markus Böhm, Helmut Krcmar)
• IT Project Member Turnover and Outsourcing Relationship Success: An Inverted-U Effect (Isabella Apfel, Christoph Pflügler, Manuel Wiesche, Helmut Krcmar)
• Business Model Choice Matters: How Business Models Impact Different Performance Measures of Startups (Haifa Haddad, Jörg Weking, Sebastian Hermes, Markus Böhm, Helmut Krcmar)
• Practices for Open Business Model Innovation – An Innomediaries Perspective (Jörg Weking, Janes Lupberger, Sebastian Hermes, Andreas Hein, Markus Böhm, Helmut Krcmar)
• Emergence of a Post-App Era – An Exploratory Case Study of the WeChat Mini-Program Ecosystem (Jingyi Kathleen Cheng, Maximilian Schreieck, Manuel Wiesche, Helmut Krcmar)
• When Algorithms Go Shopping: Analyzing Business Models for Highly Autonomous Consumer Buying Agents (Michael Weber, Marek Kowalkiewicz, Jörg Weking, Markus Böhm, Helmut Krcmar)
• Distributed Ledger Technology in the Banking Sector: A Method for the Evaluation of Use Cases (Matthias Buchinger, Dian Balta, Helmut Krcmar)
• Was sind Herausforderungen proaktiver Verwaltungsleistungen in Deutschland? (Peter Kuhn, Dian Balta, Helmut Krcmar)
• Business Strategies for Data Monetization: Deriving Insights from Practice (Julius Baecker, Martin Engert, Matthias Pfaff, Helmut Krcmar)