Center for Very Large Business Applications (CVLBA)

Initial Situation

The Center for Very Large Business Applications (CVLBA) is a joint research initiative of the Technische Universität München and the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, which was initiated by SAP in 2006. The decision by SAP AG to fund research with these two university partners stems from the cooperation experiences and the knowledge transfer that has taken place by jointly running the SAP University Alliances project. SAP wanted to invest in the potential that could be realized by adding research resources to the chair of business informatics in Magdeburg and the chair for information systems in Munich. Extensive experience in operating Very Large Business Applications, especially Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, has been obtained in the more than twelve years that the UCCs have been in operation. These experiences and infrastructures provide ideal conditions for researching next generation VLBAs and service ecosystems.

Project Aim

The objectives of the centers are the integrated study of Very Large Business Applications (VLBA) and their underlying technologies. The research is oriented on the entire lifecycle of VLBAs, addressing their planning, design, operation, and management. The interdisciplinary approach is essential to improve both efficiency and quality of business information systems’ development and the underlying business processes they support. Expected benefits of the centers’ research output comprise improvements in the management of the deployment and lifecycle-related process, increased user satisfaction, and the delivery of enhanced functionality to the market with regard to software and related products.


Current research along the VLBA lifecycle includes:

  1. VLBA Planning: When planning the introduction of a new VLBA, the question arises, in which way a VLBA can be utilized effectively in order to support business processes. In one project, challenges in the carve-out of VLBAs are analyzed to derive design recommendations for future corporate IT platforms.
  2. VLBA Design: Design and Implementation of a VLBA extend classical software engineering. Advanced challenges are the management of the development process and the integration of VLBA components into each other and into the IT environment. One project investigates opportunities to integrate business simulations to VLBAs in order to enable customized business maneuvers.
  3. VLBA Operation: Efficient and effective operation of a VLBA is crucial to an organization’s economic success. Research focusses on the minimization of resource-utilization without lowering the quality of a VLBA’s functionality.
  4. VLBA Management: Organizations are facing continuous changes, e.g. in their own structure or because of the environment. To guarantee the successful support of business processes, VLBAs must face this challenge, too. One research project focuses on Software-as-a-Service-ERP-Solutions and gives recommendations for their implementation.


The Center for Very Large Business Applications offers the unique possibility to combine the competences of the SAP UCC (University Competence Center) and the innovations- and research capabilities of the Technische Universität München und thus deliver a considerable contribution to the SAP Ecosystem.



Research Funding

SAP SE Doktorandenförderung


Dr. Holger Wittges
Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar