Theses at the Chair of Prof. Rinderle-Ma

  • All theses have to be written in English.
  • All theses have to be written in LaTeX (use Thesis Template for Informatics v0.1).
  • All prototypes created as part of theses are to be hosted on our servers, thus Linux/backend and programming knowledge is mandatory.

We highly recommend to attend the (Master-)Seminar - Scientific Methods in Information Systems in advance.

Please send all applications with a CV, Grade Report (Leistungsnachweis), and an Application Form (including a detailed motivation). If you want to propose own topics, please use the Application Form including a detailed motivation for the topic, planned contributions, a proposed evaluation methodology, and (optional) information about involved companies. Contract work for companies is not a thesis. Please note that every thesis must make a separate, independent scientific contribution. External topics can be supervised only when there is a close link to the research topics and areas of competence of this research group.

For Prof. Rinderle-Ma the proposal of own topics is possible.

Theses at the Krcmar Lab

Please note that since Prof. Krcmar retired in October 2020, he only supervises selected topics. You can find topics offered by his research group in the list below.

If you want to apply for a student thesis or project at the Krcmar Lab, please send the following documents directly to the contact person indicated in the topic offering and give us your motivation for the chosen topic(s) in your application letter/email:

  • Application form (max. three topics): application form
  • Current grades ("Notenauszug") from TUMonline
  • CV

The following guidelines apply for theses and projects at the Krcmar Lab:

  • Theses can be written in German or in English
  • Theses can be written using Word or LaTeX
  • Guidelines for student theses and projects at Krcmar Lab: Deutsch | English
  • Reader for scientific writing: Deutsch | English
  • Example of thesis formatting: Template