Shaping Modern Careers in IT

Thesis (BA/MA)

Advisor(s): Barbara Prommegger (


Social and technological changes are currently changing the way we plan careers in IT. While it used to be normal for employees to choose one employer and one profession and spend years, if not their entire lives there, the next generation of IT professionals strives for inter-disciplinary and inter-organizational experiences. We explore different disciplines, move between employers and seek to pursue our own, individual career goals. As a result, the classic definition of career success often takes a back seat. Instead of money or personnel responsibility, it is now often, for example, work-life balance or meaningfulness that we strive for as our highest career goals.

In this context, the question arises as to how these changes will affect IT careers in the future. What is the motivation behind IT professionals with unusual careers in IT? How do we define career success in a professional world full of diversity and opportunity? How will careers in IT need to be shaped in the future to satisfy both IT companies and IT professionals?

These and similar questions can serve as a foundation for your student thesis (BA/MA/Guided Research). The activities during the preparation of the work include literature analysis, the compilation of research questions, conduction of the research and deriving the findings.


Literature analysis, qualitative analysis (interviews, case study research etc.) or quantitative analysis (survey research, archive data, public data, etc.).


  • Interest in current topics of IT project management, IT workforce and Human Resource
  • Experience in & willingness to learn about scientific writing
  • Experience in & willingness to learn about quantitative/qualitative data analysis
  • Structured, reliable & self-motivated work style

Further Information

The thesis can be written in English or German. The topic can also be adapted to your interests. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Please send your application including our application form, a current transcript of records, and your CV Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents.