RobMoSys – an EU Digital Industrial Platform for Robotics

In the realm of advanced software engineering methods and tools, model-driven engineering demonstrated to be a key driver to manage system complexity in many engineering domains. RobMoSys brings a model-driven support to the robotics software community, particularily targeting the autonomous nature of robotics systems and their validation.

To this end RobMoSys adopts a composition-oriented approach that manages, maintains and assures system-level properties, while preserving modularity and independence of existing robotics frameworks and code bases. The RobMoSys project team will be involving the robotics and software community to harmonise robotics model specifications, establish a common open methodology for software development, improve tools and foster interoperability by model interchange and composability.

RobMoSys is an European Research and Innovation project within the Horizon 2020 Framework (H2020 ICT-26 c with cascaded funding). The project is coordinated by the Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (France). Further partners include COMAU (Italy), Eclipse Foundation Europe (Germany), EUnited AISBL (Belgium), Hochschule Ulm (Germany), KU Leuven (Belgium), PAL ROBOTICS (Spain), SIEMENS (Germany) and Technical University of Munich (Germany).

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Anna Principato, Public Relations Specialist Department of Informatics; Chair for Robotics, Artifical Intelligence and Embedded Systems