Visual Positioning System

This efficient and accurate visual localization system allows real-time positioning of the hand-held DLR 3D Modeler.

As result of a cooperation of the Lab of Robotics and Embedded Systems at TUM and the Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics at DLR a visual localization system emerged, which provides online positioning based on a monocular system. The computation of the algorithm does not need a huge processing power, but runs also within a resource limited environment. No artificial markers, nor any knowledge of the environment are needed. The video shows the DLR 3D Modeler during the hand-held scanning of a statute. The acquired points are merged using the modeler position estimated by the mentioned localization system. No external devices for global registration are necessary anymore - the DLR 3D Modeler and a small PC (like in the video) are sufficient for 3D object reconstruction.