Career Success

Bioinformatics is viewed as a key technology in industry. New biotechnology companies are emerging regularly, and are seeking ambitious employees who possess specific interdisciplinary skills. There are many industrial applications for bioinformatics, but there are too few graduates who possess the kind of interdisciplinary background like the one provided through the TUM Informatics Master’s in Bioinformatics.

The pharmaceutical industry is a major employer of bioinformaticians, and there are many companies involved with personal care products, industrial organisms, and agriculture that are placing increasing value on the role of bioinformatics in their industry. 

Some of the areas within bioinformatics where opportunities exist include:

  • Genome sequence assembly and analysis
  • Functional genomics
  • Genotyping
  • Pharmacogenomics (drug development efforts based on gene mutation research)
  • Database administration (management of genomic sequence and biochemical information)

Meet Our Program Alumni

Dr. Klaus Heumann is CEO of Biomax Informatics AG 
Dr. Heumann successfully completed the Master's in Bioinformatics at TUM. He committed his career to bioinformatics from the very beginning of his university studies and since 1998 has served as the CEO of Biomax Informatics.

Dr. Thomas Bernd Werner is CEO of Genomatix Software GmbH
Dr. Werner became CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Genomatix in 1997, and completed his Habilitation postdoctoral thesis at TUM in 2002.