About Us

Women in CS@TUM has an informal and formal presence at the Department of Informatics. 

The informal presence is through the group Women in CS@TUM (IFF) itself. 

Women in CS@TUM is an informal group of members from TUM Department of Informatics, working towards equal participation and the support of women and of other underrepresented groups at the department of Informatics.

The group was founded by Anne Brüggemann-Klein (frauenbeauftragte@in.tum.de.), who is currently TUM Department of Informatics Gender Equality Officer.

Currently, the group is lead by Ana Petrovska (email: ana.petrovska@tum.de).

In the past year, we did a team restructuring, in order to better identify the roles and the responsibility for everyone involved in the organizational team . 

We are constantly searching for new members for the organizational team: IFF officers, members for the Public Relations Team and the Events team. Everyone interested in contributing and getting involved, please contact Roeya Khlifi (roeyakhlifi@gmail.com).

For any other suggestions or collaborations, please contact us at :women@in.tum.de

Current IFF officers

Anne Brüggemann-Klein, Ana Petrovska, Nadine Von Frankenberg,  Liana Soima, Leni Rohe, Klara Kriszun, Irina Muntean, Hanya Elhashemy, Roeya Khlifi, Alexandrina Panfil

Associated members

 Sibylle Roden-Kinghorst

IFF Alumni: 

Anne Noykabi, Carmel Kozlov, Sandra Grujovic, Nathalie Pett, Dora Dzvonyar, Chrisa Bika, Soh Yee Lee, Ayisha Haruna, Patricia Goldberg, Berna Kabadayi, Anushka Vashishtha, Darshana Padmadas, Alev Canoglu, Fjoralba Golikja, Noemie Ehstand, Martina Preiss, Céline Aldenhoven


Our formal presence in through the team of Gender Equality Officer and the Gender Equality Officer Deputies. Read more about our formal presence at the TUM Department of Informatics here Gender Equality Officers 

You may contact any of the TUM Department of Informatics [Gender Equality Officers](https://www.in.tum.de/en/current-students/equal-opportunity/about-us/gender-equality-officers/) with any suggestions or concerns about gender and equality issues at frauenbeauftragte@in.tum.de.

IFF Organizers

Dr. Angelika Reiser - Academic Student Advisor advising@in.tum.de

Ursula Eschbach - Press office Informatik eschbach@in.tum.de

Matthias Fischer - ProLehre matthias.fischer@prolehre.tum.de

Anne Noykabi - anne.nyokabi@tum.de

Carmel Kozlov - c.kozlov@tum.de