Career Opportunities

Computational Science and Engineering is an emerging discipline that extends into all classical fields from which it evolved - applied mathematics, engineering and science applications, high performance computing, and many more. In the same way, the job descriptions are diverse, constantly exploring new fields of application, and usually characterised by a high level of interdisciplinarity.

Niko Manopulo

Niko Manopulo started the CSE Master's program after a Bachelor in Civil Engineering which he received from Bogazici University, Istanbul. He is now a PhD student at the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing at ETH Zürich.

Siew Hoon Leong

Siew Hoon Leon works in the High Performance System Department of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, and is specialist on Grid computing. She started the CSE Master's program after a Bachelor degree in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Technological University, Singapore.

Bernhard Gatzhammer

Bernhard Gatzhammer is a PhD student at the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering at TUM. He started the CSE Master's program after a diploma degree in Mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg.