What happens after the last examination?

After passing your last examination (in general, that's your Master's Thesis, but it's also possible that you do your last subject examination after the submission of your Master's Thesis) the coordinators will check your grades and the combination of your subjects for the application areas. If everything's OK, they'll submit your grades to the Prüfungsamt (examinations office). Note: You have to pass all of your subject examinations and your Master's Thesis before your grades are submitted.

The date of your last examination (in the case of your Master's Thesis, that's the submission date) is the date of the end of your studies. This date will also be mentioned in your certificates.


As soon as the grades are submitted to the Prüfungsamt by the coordinators, your certificates (degree certificate, transcript of records, diploma supplement, grading table, etc.) are prepared.

If you need a certificate right after your last examination, the coordinators can provide you a letter stating the current status of your studies. A preliminary certificate can be immediately created for you after the submission of your grades to the Prüfungsamt. It will take another week until the final certificates are available.

All certificates are available at the Prüfungsamt. You can either fetch your certificates directly at the Prüfungsamt or get them sent via postal mail. The person in charge of CSE at the Prüfungsamt is Ms. Ulrike Scholz.


You will be automatically exmatriculated at the end of the semester of your last examination. Until this time, you are still enrolled as a student of TUM. You don't have to exmatriculate manually.

Personal Information in Diploma Supplement

It's possible to add personal extra-curricular activities to the diploma supplement. This information is individual for every student and has to be requested by the student.

Extra-curricular activities that can be added to the diploma supplement are any activities that

  • are done in the context of TUM
  • cover more than 90 hours (= 3 credits) of non-curricular work
  • are not testified by other certificates, reports or references
  • are done nonpaid

In addition, it is possible to add stays abroad to the diploma supplement. Stays abroad must have a connection to CSE and should be at least three months long (or an equivalent number of credits).

All activities that can be added to the Diploma Supplement are listed in this PDF file.

If you wish to add extra-curricular activities to your diploma supplement you have to apply for it by filling out this form. It has to be submitted to the CSE coordinators before passing your last examination.