Recognition of examination results

It is possible to transfer credits from your former studies (or from an exchange program) to your CSE curriculum. Recognition is regulated in APSO §16. There are three types of recognition:

  1. Recognition of examinations taken at a foreign establishment of higher education, e.g. from your former studies.
  2. Recognition of examinations done during a stay abroad during your CSE studies.
  3. Consecutive recognition of examinations done during a Bachelor or Master offered by the department of Informatics. The results will be transferred 1:1, which means that you transfer a module from the module catalog of the department of Informatics at TUM into the same module from the CSE program.

The following information holds for the first type of recognition. If you want to transfer examination results according to points two or three, please contact the CSE coordinators ( to find an individual solution.

Regulations for recognition

It is only possible to apply for a recognition during the first year of your CSE studies.

To get a recognition you should provide the following four documents:

  • The application form for recognition. Fill and sign it.
  • Detailed descriptions for the contents of every examination from your former studies.
  • A transcript of records proving that you successfully attended the examination and listing the grade you got in the corresponding examination.
  • A grading table specifying the maximum possible grade and the minimum grade to pass the course. This will be used to transfer your grade into the German grading system.

In the application form you specify which CSE modules you wish to get recognized. You should also indicate which former examination results you want to be considered. It is possible to combine several former examinations to fulfill the requirements of one CSE module. It is also possible to apply for more than just one module recognition. Please hand in one form for each CSE module you want to get recognized.

The most crucial documents are the descriptions of the examinations from your former studies. These should be as detailed possible to make sure that the contents of the examinations (lecture, exercise, seminar, practical course, etc.) cover all the contents of the CSE module. If your former university doesn't offer such a document, you have to write the description yourself. You should sign the document to confirm that the description is accurate. The more detailed the description, the higher the chances of getting the recognition approved.

To prove that you really passed the examination you wish to recognize for CSE, you have to provide a transcript of records that contains the name of the examination, the scope of the course (amount of credits and/or duration) and the grade you got in the examination. The transcript has to be either original or a certified copy. You can get it back after the application process.

To transfer your former grade into the German grading system, we need a grading table. This grading table has to provide at least the following information: best possible grade, worst possible grade, and last grade to pass the examination.

  1. Completely fill the application form. Provide all the required documents mentioned above and hand them in to the CSE coordinators. To get an approval or rejection as soon as possible, apply within the first four weeks of the winter term.

  2. After checking the formal requirements of the documents, they will be forwarded to the lecturers responsible for each module. They will check if the content and the scope of your former examinations cover the content of the TUM module.

  3. You will be informed by the secretary of CSE about the result and the transferred grade.

  4. Finally, you can decide if you accept the recognition or not, for example, to get a better grade in the TUM module. Once you have accepted the recognition, you can't retake the examination of the TUM module to improve the transferred grade.