M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems


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Nowadays, nearly all processes in industry, non-profit organizations and public administration are supported or enabled by information technology (IT). Modern information systems are a prerequisite for the increasing degree of digitization in both business and society and will gain further importance in the future. The resulting social, technological, and economic questions require solutions that equally reflect the requirements of users and suppliers. For understanding, analyzing, and supporting complex processes through IT systems, expertise in computer science as well as management is essential.

The purpose of the information systems discipline is the development and application of theory, concepts, models, methods, and tools for the analysis and the design of information systems in business and administration. Information systems are constituted by the aggregate of IT-infrastructure, hardware, software, and data developed for a specific task. They are socio-technical systems, i.e., operations are conducted by personnel and mechanical resources. As an interdisciplinary discipline, it addresses the need for integrating computer science and management in order to successfully identify and evaluate technological opportunities. Information system specialists can contribute to the technological and digital transformation and shape the resulting change processes.

The main purpose of the Master’s program in Information Systems at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is to qualify graduates to design, implement, and analyze complex information systems. This includes the design of systems providing management decision support based on the analysis of data available to organizations. For example, various positions in IT departments, business intelligence and data science, or various business functions (e.g., operations management, marketing, controlling) are responsible for designing and implementing respective information systems.

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