Abroad position at the MIT Climate CoLab

Due to the rapid growth of the Climate CoLab in the recent past, the Climate CoLab team is looking for reinforcement for its development team. We are seeking a visiting student to work with the Climate CoLab either from August 2018 to January 2019 (~5 months). If you would like your work to make a difference in the world and love web development – then you should join the Climate CoLab and be part of a growing movement that is set to find ways to adapt to (or even avoid) climate change!

Deadline: Applications have to be submitted at rather short notice by Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 23:59 h.

The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI) works to understand how crowds and experts can work together to solve large, complex problems. The Climate CoLab (https://climatecolab.org/) is an online crowdsourcing platform that tries to apply this research towards human good – seeking proposals for how to adapt to, mitigate, or prevent the effects of climate change. The Climate CoLab is an open source project with more than 88’000 members, including world-renowned experts, hosting a series of contests each year. Each contest focuses on a major challenge we face as we confront climate change and members from all over the world interact on the platform to develop and evaluate proposals. In addition to the Climate CoLab, the CCI runs several related projects that apply the same approach to other problems, such as gaining insights into the future of work or scenario planning.

You will work a number of critical development tasks, such as scaling our microservice-based architecture, providing the means for our community to work across language barriers, working on interfacing with climate models to assess the potential impact of proposed solutions, and improving the usability of the platform for our members. In addition, your day-to-day activities will also include maintenance as well as communicating with members and the project management team.

Here is the current project description (May 2018). Check the TUM website on scholarships for stays abroad for funding.

Required: Full fluency in English, strong web development skills (we use Java/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript), the ability to work independently on multiple projects at once, the desire to work with a small, fun, passionate team under tight timelines.

Please send your application with your transcripts (BSc and MSc - you must have TUM grades in order to apply!), a short motivation letter (~1 page, including timing preferences) and your CV as one single pdf to Johannes Bachhuber directly: jobachhu@mit.edu
Deadline: Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 23:59h

It is highly recommendable to consult with Martina von Imhoff or Angelika Reiser how to integrate the stay abroad in your TUM curriculum and to design a study plan.  MIT employees cannot give you advise on it. You can take a leave of absence for this project.  

If you have any questions, Cecil Woebker, cwoebker@mit.edu, a TUM student and current position holder at the Climate CoLab, will be happy to share his experiences with you.