Humboldt Research Prize for Dr. Peter Boncz

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Peter Boncz is one of the leading database systems engineers

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded Dr. Peter Boncz a Humboldt Research Prize after nomination by Prof. Alfons Kemper and Prof. Thomas Neumann. Peter Boncz is internationally acclaimed as one of the leading database systems engineers. More than a decade ago, he and his colleagues pioneered a radically new database architecture that vertically partitions the database records, in order to exploit modern processor technology better. Their Monet database system has become the international benchmark for efficient analytical database systems, and has led to much industrial development, among others SAP Hana and Vertica (now HP). In addition, Peter Boncz devised the vectorized processing technology that resulted in the record-breaking database system VectorWise. Both projects, MonetDB as well as VectorWise, belong to the most visible and highly cited database systems research works -- on an international basis. At TUM Peter Boncz will research techniques to improve the performance of database systems on modern multi-core processors.