Informatics Heilbronn 2 - Professorship for Computer Architecture & Operating Systems

Welcome to the Professorship for Computer Architecture and Operating Systems!

The professorship covers a broad range of research focus aras in computer architecture, parallel processing and hardware-oriented applications and optimizations:as well as operating systems.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Co-Design and hardware-oriented optimizations
  • Edge and IoT architectures
  • Open Source environments for electrostatic field simulations.

Aside from the technical aspects, we are also integrating historical and ethics aspects.

Besides technical and ethical aspects, we focus on interdisciplinary, cross-faculty collaboration in both teaching (Ethics for Nerds seminar, together with TUM's School of Management) and research (THIEF project, together with TUM's Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering).


Carsten Trinitis
Professor for Computer Architecture and Operating Systems

Lidya O'Connor

Amir Bouslama

Student Assistant

Research project

Three Dimensional Electric Field Simulation



Clemens Horn, B.Sc.

Tutor and Exercise Coordinator

Operating Systems" lecture.

Nicholas Kienzle:


Operating Systems lecture.

Sarah Lockfisch


Ethics for Nerds seminar.

Taiki Okano:


Operating Systerms lecture.


Julia Pfeiffer


Ethics for Nerds seminar