Informatics Heilbronn 3 - Professorship for Software Engineering

Welcome to the chair Software Engineering.

Software engineering is constantly on the move. Continuously growing complexity and shortened development cycles require flexibility, new ideas and courage to overcome traditional approaches. We develop, evaluate and implement new methods and solutions to deal with today's challenges with industrial and research partners. Following an interactive learning approach, we offer lectures, seminars and practical courses with real projects and customers with a focus on individual and immediate feedback. Students prepare for their professional life, gain theoretical and practical knowledge and have fun.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche
Professorship of Software Engineering

Santiago Berrezueta
Exercise Instructor

Lidya O'Connor

Felix Hohenadel

Daniel Gomes da Costa
Student Assistant


Winter term 2021/22
Summer 2022



Research topics
  • Software Engineering Educational Research
  • Continuous Software Engineering
  • Mobile Development
  • Modeling
  • Agile Development
  • Usability Engineering


Marco Kuhrmann, Paolo Tell, Regina Hebig, Jil Klünder, Jürgen Münch, Oliver Linssen, Dietmar Pfahl, Michael Felderer, Christian R. Prause, Stephen G. MacDonell, Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende, David Raffo, Sarah Beecham, Eray Tüzün, Gustavo López, Nicolas Paez, Diego Fontdevila, Sherlock A. Licorish, Steffen Küpper, Günther Ruhe, Eric Knauss, Özden Özcan-Top, Paul Clarke, Fergal McCaffery, Marcela Genero, Aurora Vizcaino, Mario Piattini, Marcos Kalinowski, Tayana Conte, Rafael Prikladnicki, Stephan Krusche, Ahmet Coskuncay, Ezequiel Scott, Fabio Calefato, Svetlana Pimonova, Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer, Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Rogardt Heldal, Masud Fazal-Baqaie, Craig Anslow, Maleknaz Nayebi, Kurt Schneider, Stefan Sauer, Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl, Maria Cecilia Bastarrica, and Ita Richardson
What Makes Agile Software Development Agile?
Transactions on Software Engineering. IEEE. 2021.

Jan Philip Bernius, Stephan Krusche and Bernd Bruegge
A Machine Learning Approach for Suggesting Feedback in Textual Exercises in Large Courses
Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Learning @ Scale (L@S '21). ACM. Potsdam - Germany, June 2021.

Marco Konersmann, Brian Fitzgerald, Michael Goedicke, Helena Holmström Olsson, Jan Bosch and Stephan Krusche
Rapid Continuous Software Engineering - State of the Practice and Open Research Questions
Report on the 6th International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE 2020). ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 46(1): 25-27, January 2021.

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