Ivana Jovanovic Buha, M.Sc. (hons)

Technical University of Munich

Department of Informatics
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching

Office: MI 02.05.040
Mail: ivana.jovanovic (at) tum.de
Tel: +49-89-289-18613
Office Hours: by arrangement



Research interests

My research focuses on applied and computational mathematics, particularly on uncertainty quantification (UQ), modeling and system identification, inverse problems, and data-driven model learning. The main applications driving my research are from hydrology. More precisely, in my work, I am bridging the gap between theoretical work on High-dimensional Uncertainty Quantification and Bayesian Inversion, applied to relatively simple simulation models, and more complex real-world problems.

  • High-dimensional Forward Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity analysis (mainly, analysis of conceptual distribured hydrological models)
  • Sparse Grids Methods
  • Inverse problems - Bayesian Inference
  • Machine Learning


Ivana Jovanovic and Severin Reiz scored the 1st and 2nd place in the Best Poster Jury Award at CoSaS meeting in Erlangen, Germany, among 70 posters. The titles of the posters are "3D Deep Learning in High... [mehr]

Open and running student projects

If you are interested in a student project (Bachelor's or Master's Thesis or anything else), please contact me directly. See also the list of Student Projects at our chair.

Do you want to know what other students are working on in our chair? You are warmly encouraged to attend their presentations at the SCCS Colloquium! Come to get ideas, meet your potential supervisor, or to learn from the style of others for your own presentation.

Open student projects

Running student projects

  • Jonas Fill: Development of the Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network Architectures for Hydrological Time Series Forecasting, Bachelor's Thesis, Fakultät für Informatik, Informatics, since Mar 2021
  • Hanna Weigold: Second Order Methods for Bayesian Neural Networks, Master's Thesis, Mathematics in Science and Engineering, since December 2020. Joint supervision with Severin Reiz

Finished Student Projects



  • Jonas Treplin: Parallel Evaluation of Adaptive Sparse Grids with Application to Uncertainty Quantification of Hydrology Simulations. Projektarbeit, 2020 mehr… BibTeX Volltext (mediaTUM)
  • Mathieu Putz: Developing a prototype of Bayesian Inference framework to recalibrate the complex hydrological model LARSIM. Studienarbeit, 2020 mehr… BibTeX Volltext (mediaTUM)


    Winter semester 2020/21

    • Einführung in die wissenschaftliche Programmierung (IN8008) [TUMonline] (Moodle)

    Other activities

    • Organizational support for "BGCE Student Paper Prize" for the best paper at the SIAM CSE  (2019, 2021)
    • Responsible for Chair's new website (2019- today)