Harvard Medical School - Research projects or Master's thesis starting April 2020

Cardiovascular MRI Center at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School is looking for two graduate students in the area of cardiac MRI. The successful candidate should have background in mathematics, signal processing, and computer programming. Prior exposure and documented interest to “medical” and “image processing” will make a more convincing application.

The projects can been supervised by Prof. Menze, TUM Informatics, as a Master's thesis. Candidates with an interest in this position should check the pdfs below and contact the project supervisor at Boston Children's Hospital as soon as possible, latest until mid-December.

The project start is scheduled for late spring 2020 and successful applicants are encouraged to show a partial grant as part of their funding, it will facilitate the admission at Harvard Medical School. TUM advises on a range of scholarships (like partial grant & overview of grants (e.g. PROMOS) or DAAD IFI Master thesis - full grant) and information about how to find a suitable scholarship. The visa application process takes about 3-4 months.

as of 2019/12/05

Boston Children's Hospital - Havard Medical School - Call for Projects 2019