1st call of 2021 NII International Internship Program

Please check the list of the current projects at NII International Internship Program website for the current call for applications for a online research project between 2 to 6 months starting any time between July 2021 and October 2021. (Internships must have started by October 31, 2021) Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the call is mainly for online internships. In case you wish to enter Japan, once the entry regulations allow it, you can also apply in parallel for on-site internships. Students accepted by NII for an on-site internship will get a full grant of ca. 1300€ per month.

The deadline at TUM Department of Informatics is a week earlier, on Sun, May 30 2021 (23:59h) as you have to be nominated/selected by IN.TUM. For this call, TUM Informatics can nominate up to 4 Master or PhD students. In case we nominate less, you can inquire for capacities after the deadline. 

Please see the NII website for the list of projects and get in touch with the NII academic staff directly. If you want to do your project as a Master thesis abroad you need to find a respective TUM supervisor. The regular IN.TUM rules of your Master's program regarding a Master's thesis apply. Please negotiate the duration and start of your internship with the NII researcher, but make sure that it fits into your TUM curriculum.

NII requests to indicate a TUM supervisor for the research project in any case. So if you do not want to make the stay a TUM thesis or a guided research, add an academic contact person at TUM Informatics, e.g. your former Bachelor supervisor or a researcher at a suitable chair of your interest, you know. It doesn't have to be a TUM professor.

National Institute of Informatics (NII) International Internship Program

The renowed National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo anounces twice a year a call for its International Internship Program for master students and PhD students. NII is a partner of TUM Department of Informatics since 2015.

If you are interested in doing an research internship of 2-6 months, please check this website regularly.  There is a call for applications in May and in October for a stay abroad approx. 4-5 months later. 5,700 JPY per day as sojourn expenses (171,000 JPY/per month) will be covered by NII while intern students are staying at NII (as per March 2016).

Application procedure, documents and requirements

Applications have to submitted via our online application for the internal selection. For further information please check the websites of NII for the International Internship Program. To meet the NII deadline for applications, the faculty of Informatics needs to preselect you (on the basis of your academic performance, duration of stay and study plan). So the internal deadline in 2021 is set for May 30 (23:59h).

A nomination by TUM Informatics does not indicate that you will be automatically accepted by NII. The selection by NII after nomination seems to be quite competitive. In Post-Covid times, TUM Informatics can nominate three students in May, and in October two students. For the current call for online internships in 2021, we can nominate up to 4 students. 

The application is easy to prepare. A list of topics is online you can choose your research project from. Please upload in your online application the following documents:

  • NII Application Form
  • Your CV
  • Bachelor's Transcript or Records
  • TUM Master's Transcript of Records
  • Studienverlaufsplan (integrative study plan)
  • Email correspondence with respective NII researchers

A talk with Martina von Imhoff regarding your stay in Japan and in order to answer your questions is highly recommendable. Please give her a call during her opening/drop-in hours (no previous appointment necessary).

It might be possible to arrange a Master thesis at NII, but not in all cases it is possible, recommendable or successful.

Prof. Alexander Pretschner has additional contacts to professors at NII, see project descriptions