"TUMbledor" wins German Collegiate Programming Contest

Two other TUM teams made it into the top ten

Every year, the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) foundation organizes an an extra-curricular, competitive programming event among universities around the world. ICPC competitions give gifted students the opportunity to interact, demonstrate, and improve their teamwork, programming, and algorithmic problem-solving skills. The ICPC is a multi-tier programming contest consisting of subregional and regional competitions and culminating in the world finals. For German teams the different stages correspond to the German Collegiate Programming Contest (GCPC), the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC), and the ICPC world finals. This year's German Collegiate Programming Contest was held on July 6th. In total 94 teams from 14 different institutions competed at eleven contest sites throughout Germany. The winner was team "TUMbledor" from Technical University of Munich, having all 13 problems solved and a penalty time of 1526 minutes. Two other TUM teams made it into the top ten: "Proof by Submission" (rank 4) and " _he bes_ _eam in _UM" (rank 7).

Final results