Bachelor- and Master-Thesis Topics, Guided Research Topics, Topics for Master Lab Courses Games Engineering

  • Social Context for Group Recommender Systems/ Mobile Co-Activity Detection (Safey Halim
  • Deep Learning based Natural Language Processing for Sentiment Analysis/ Opinion Mining and Social Clustering (Gerhard Hagerer, M.Sc.)
  • Analysis of Enterprise Social Networks (with Prof Michael Koch, Uni BW, München) 
  • NLP-Based Food Recommender Systems (Monika Wintergerst
  • NLP-based hate speech detection in social media and interpretable NLP models (Maximilian Wich)
  • Explainable AI for NLP-ML-Systems with Societal Relevance (Edoardo Mosca)
  • If you seek to form a team of 3 or 4 for the games-specific master lab course and aim for a topic relating games and social computing: contact Georg! 

These topics are rather general. Concrete topics might deviate from those according to your interests and requirements and our research interests. You may contact any of the PhD students or Georg via email and inquire for a thesis or guided research topic or a group topic for the master lab course games engineering directly or if you have own suggestions for topics involving social context modelling or applications.  We will then make an face to face appointment to initiate the process of discussing possible topics. It is beneficial if you could send us a current transcript of record and a CV in advance in order to make it easier for us to decide which topics might best suit you.